Welcome to Pet Pals - a new concept in animal care. No Cages or Kennels.
We offer loving care for your pet when you can't be there. We provide many different services such as Walks/Hikes, pet sitting in a home environment, and special care for senior dogs.

Our home is located in a beautiful grove of Aspen trees. Our walks offer plenty of exercise and fun. Walking and Hiking and offer individual attention for you pet.

At Aspen Pet Pals taking care of your dog or pet is our top priority! We are dedicated to providing the most loving and safe care for your pet. We have been providing exceptional dog walking in Aspen for the past 10 years. We are here to help you with all aspects of keeping your dog happy and healthy.

We love what we do... It's our treat!
Our dog walking services are individualized.
We offer private walks and group walks.
We will design a plan which is tailored to fit your requirements and that of your pet.
We give love and belly rubs!!!
We do cat care in your home...
We work with all the hotels and lodges...
Mid day visits: 30 min...60 min... 90min... if need be...
Outdoor Adventures... On and Off Leash Hikes...

Please call for individual pricing...
Thank you for your interest...

We are there When You Can't Be!!!

Call for Rates:

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